How to Earn EVE Online ISK – NPC Hunting Chains

For gamers who have been playing EVE Online, the initial perception that mining is boring eventually gets replaced with a new outlook when the need for EVE ISK arises. The easiest and probably cheapest way to make EVE ISK is by mining. There are nevertheless other means for making EVE Online ISK such as hunting other ships as pirates as well as running missions. If you go the way of the pirate, watch out for your reputation.

In addition, the other popular ways to make f95zone money in the game include those such as crafting and looting. Another much more interesting way to make ISK which is what will be mainly discussed in this article is the way of the NPC pirate hunter. This is basically all about killing NPC pirates and making profits from them. The easiest way is to start out with a small investment on cheap weapons. The best loots tend to come from the NPC cargo.

When choosing where to hunt, make sure to check the security and difficulty of potential threats in selected areas against your level and abilities to play it safe. Tip is to stick to ships that are most suitable for combat to take on NPCs. The trade-off to consider is the cargo you will want to haul back, whether your selected ship will have enough space for that. These kills yield some ISK but at the same time, you can obtain the cargo that the NPC ships were carrying. If you are lucky, the ships you loot are carrying lots of valuable cargo. However, be prepared to face the disappointment if you come across several near empty ships in a row.

Combining NPC kills with the completion of missions would also be sure to provide a good supply of EVE ISK. Although mining is probably the easiest way to make ISK, NPC hunting is the better choice if you want to make lots of ISK quickly. Besides NPC hunting, the other fast option is purchasing EVE ISK from other gamers or even gold shops.

If you opt for those methods to earn your keep, then make sure you are making the right seller choice. Usually, it is easier to negotiate a cheaper price if you buy from fellow gamers. The downside is of course reliability. Make no mistake that there are those who take advantage of the ISK demand to make some real money. In terms of gold sellers, there are also several sites that offer reviews and ratings of the in-game currency sellers. If you are in no hurry and would like to play it safe, mining and NPC hunting is the way to go.