10 Ways To Spot A Customer Service Robot

When you get the telephone do you want to converse with a human?

Not long ago I was calling an OEM for status on a maintenance we had gone through.

I got the telephone, palms somewhat damp with sweat as I was at that point expecting what I was going to experience.

In the wake of dialing the number the telephone started to ring…

My ears mindful of what was coming next I hear “You have reached ___ kindly listen cautiously as our menu has changed”


After 8 choices I picked 4 for fixes.

“You have arrived at the fixes dept. if it’s not too much trouble, press 1 for… ” and they proceed to list client assistance, dispatching, QC, among 5 different choices.

I picked the alternative that I thought was ideal, client care.

They at that point proceed to list 5 individuals whom I can press an augmentation for and converse with. Disappointed being on the telephone for 5 minutes now I press 3.

I call the augmentation and it goes to voice message. I was almost a couple of moments from tossing my telephone across the room yet I chose to leave a voice message. I got a return call 2 days after the fact.

As far as I might be concerned, this is shocking client support and is no chance how to connect with paying customers.

Would this even be viewed as client assistance?

This is the reason I give you 10 different ways to detect a robot and stay away from circumstances like this.

10 Ways to Spot a Customer Service Robot

1) Pressing different numbers to contact one individual

Similarly as you found in my starting story, squeezing a wide range of insane numbers adds pressure, tension and inconvenience in this present reality where you as of now get a lot of that. Hang-up the telephone, toss it across the room, or keep away from any organizations who need you to go through 15 robots mechanized replying mail to get to a human. Plainly they’re excessively occupied or modest for you.

2) Overpromise and underdeliver

Have you at any point conversed with an individual who overpromises on everything except for never gets through? “Gracious you need it there by Thursday, I’ll get it to you by Wednesday.” Come Friday you actually don’t have your request. Or then again they quote you a normal fix cost and they either discover they presently don’t have abilities after you send them the unit or their normal is twofold from work.

3) No character

In the event that you call an organization and the customer service robot  other individual doesn’t sound alive, similar to they need to converse with you, or are hopeless… RUN. You’ll be on a most optimized plan of attack of an entire wreck of “I Don’t Care About You” in the event that you proceed with any further.

4) Significantly deferred reactions

Individuals are occupied and deferred reactions are typical. In any case, and I mean a major “however” is the point at which you see an organization that says on the off chance that you don’t hear from us in 48 hours think of it as a no statement. This assertion shows this organization has their needs straight (amazing measure of mockery around there).

5) “Sorry for the bother”

We’ve discussed this previously and I hear this regularly. You request something and they can’t find the part or whatever pardon it could be. They at that point send you an email saying “sorry for the bother.” Inconvenience? You merit more than a bother explanation. A bother is the point at which you run out of salt for your supper, the laundry are shut on Saturday, yet this request, your time is significantly more than a burden. It’s a conveyance bad dream that you presently need to fix.

6) Poor critical thinking abilities

Individuals who express “upset for the bother” are consistently individuals with helpless critical thinking abilities. On the off chance that an issue happens you merit answers for be introduced to you. Or then again even better they simply sort out an answer and go on as should be expected and don’t worry you.

7) Unreachable on ends of the week

Presently, you may banter with me on this one however in the event that you are close with your provider they ought to be available to you on ends of the week. Flying is an industry that never rests and for you, neither should they.

8) Avoids messaging subsequent to shutting

Organizations close and that is fine. Your record administrator or whomever you converse with should in any case have the option to react through email subsequent to shutting. In truth, they can’t get enchantment going however they can in any case address you if its relevant. This little advance shows they give it a second thought and that they’re not a robot.

9) Constant push records and deals strategies

This makes me insane. I get a push list from a specific organization each and every day. I’ve really attempted to pay off this organization. I presented the PO, I never got an affirmation and my calls would go directly to phone message. Shockingly, I actually got push records regardless of them disregarding my endeavor to purchase. Insane I know.